Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations – Wheel of Fortune (2021)

There are a lot of songs about bad relationships, but Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations bring a whole new edge to this. With their single ‘Wheel of Fortune’, they delve into bad relationships while wrapping them around their uniquely blended sound. Drawing on the mysticism of the forests and combining it with legends of old, they swirl blues, folk, rock and soul together for a wonderful listening experience.

This blending of sound comes from Simon Heij Isaksson (vocals, guitar) and Adam Heij Isaksson (guitar, bass, percussion). The band brings the spirit of the northern forested parts of Sweden to music that shines with influences from across the world. Atmospheric yet grounded, the band has you walking forest paths only to turn into cityscapes and rich washes of colours.

The call of the guitars that open ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is a perfect blending of genres. There is a folky flow with the twangs of blues and a touch of country. This moves into an earthy movement that makes you think of autumn leaves drifting down from the trees as you sit on the porch watching the day fade. The rather sombre feeling to the melody has you resting back into the instrumentation. As the song progresses, the instrumentation swirls together like the rustling of leaves strewn on the forest floor.

Simon Heij Isaksson’s vocals bring a deep growl of bluesy folk-rock to your ears. There is a hint of Americana in his performance as it leads you down the forest paths. As his vocals pick at the lyrics, he brings the sombre vibes of the music to the fore. Through his performance, there is a feeling that you are watching life pass you by. While written about bad relationships, there is a much deeper message to the track that speaks to the passive acceptance of life and opportunities passing by. This is a single that you can easily listen to again and again only to be hit by the messaging in a different way each time.

Soul Zimon & his Kozmic Combinations wrap their blended sound after the swirling leaves of the autumnal forest while delving into bad relationships in ‘Wheel of Fortune’. The melody is captivating as it grounds you yet sends you wandering through the forest. The vocals bring a growl to your ears as they dive into sombre vibes and passive acceptance of life passing by.

Find out more about Soul Zimon & his Kozmic Combinations on their Spotify.

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