Stay for Tomorrow – I Don’t Need You To Save Me (2021)

Toxic relationships can break down your self-worth and leave you in tatters. If you need an empowering boost to pick yourself up and overcome the negativity left from a toxic relationship, Stay for Tomorrow is here for you. ‘I Don’t Need You to Save Me’ is a powerful indie-rock track packed with engaging tones and the strength to step away from toxic people and build yourself up again.

Nic Holson (guitar), Sean Priestley (drums), Joe MacFarlane (vocals, guitar) and Ollie Cobbett (bass) have packed so much into this single making it an absolute cracker. The band first got together in 2018 and started making waves in the music scene the following year. Since then, they have turned their attention to the studio and now have an arsenal of infectious tracks ready to be unleashed on the world.

‘I Don’t Need You to Save Me’ grips you in the flow of guitars from the very start. The combination of guitars and drums are really infectious and you can’t help but want to bounce around to it. There is a conversation happening in the guitars that is wonderful before they pulse with a bright light on the chorus. There is a delightful anthemic feeling to the melody on the chorus that has you soaring into strength and good vibes. At times, there is a slight echo to the melody that brings a little edge to everything.

While the melody is digging its talons into your brain, MacFarlane’s vocals are hitting out at toxic people. The lyrics are confrontational but there is a soft edge to them as you accept that you don’t need toxic people in your life and that you are stronger than they believe. When the melody hits the chorus, the band fills you with power and strength as you fly on their harmonised vocals. You can’t help but feel powerful and strong when you listen to the song. There is also a really great chance that you are going to be singing along to the chorus.

Stay for Tomorrow have you rising above through the power and strength of their anthemic single ‘I Don’t Need You to Save Me’. From the infectious guitars to the enthralling vocals, the band hits out at toxic people before reminding you that you have the strength to move on. Every note of the single is filled with empowerment and you can’t help but feel stronger for having heard it.

Find out more about Stay for Tomorrow on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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