Stay To Sleep – Blow A Wish (2021)

Drifting somewhere between dream-pop and shoegaze, Stay To Sleep create a hazy soundscape with their unusual music. Hailing from Spain, Noe (vocals), Maria Makia (guitar), Amara Baila (bass), Tony Linares (drums) and Christ O. Rodriguez (production) are gaining a reputation for eclectic and innovative artistry. Receiving coverage from Rock4Spain, Mondosonoro, Rockcultura, Todoindie, Disco Grande Radio 3 and iHeart Radio, the Spanish five-piece is reaching listeners throughout Europe. We hope to spread their sound to audiences across the globe with our review of Blow A Wish.

Combining dynamic guitars with pounding drums, Blow A Wish is a high-paced, energetic and invigorating LP from Stay To Sleep. Led primarily by powerful guitars, there are several expertly arranged solos with heavy riffs from Amara Baila and Maria Makia showcasing their natural talent. While the instrumentation is in line with contemporary hard rock with twinges of old-school classic styles, as heard in ‘Donna’, the real skill lies in the transition in pace, tone and sound within single tracks.

A fiery album from beginning to end, it is difficult to listen to a track without losing your breath. What I find particularly intriguing, as I mentioned before, is the way each track has individuality but rounds off in a harmonic whole. Beginning with ‘Insane’, Stay To Sleep throw you into a rock-influenced frenzy; however, a slight slowing in sound is heard in ‘Twilight’ giving you time to catch your breath. Yet, while ‘Twilight’ begins with steady instrumentation there is a palpable crescendo dragging you into a whirlpool of kaleidoscopic music…and it doesn’t give up until the final song ‘Underground’.

The insightful placement of tracks takes you on a journey from hard rock to grunge, indie-rock to melodic metal and post-punk shoegaze – a true sign that Stay To Sleep are not to be pigeon-holed. The thing is, while the melody is a turbulent sonic experience, it is the lyricism that adds depth to the content. Moreover, the gruffness of Noe’s vocals enhance the joviality or poignancy of the track.

Reminiscent of Hole with Halestorm’s “in your face” attitude, Noe and her crew share insightful, reflective and emotionally-charged melodies. It is difficult to choose a favourite track on Blow A Wish but I think I have a preference for ‘Puppet’. Potentially the most exquisite song on the album, ‘Puppet’ has a punchy head-banging sound, but there is a softer lilt in the melody merging perfectly with Noe’s throaty alto.

Described as being the “perfect soundtrack for a different road trip along the coast”, Blow A Wish is a brutally honest representation of life at its harshest. Best defined as a set of organised chaos, ending in the slow ‘Underground’ to soothe your nerves, Blow A Wish is overwhelmingly beautiful.

For more from Stay To Sleep check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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