Steadfast HTX – Transmitters (2020)

Steadfast HTX is a punk rock band that first sparked to life in 2007. Austin-based Jason Bancroft (vocals, guitar) created the early version of the band before working on other projects. In 2018, the band reformed with Travis Smith (guitar), Andrew Wupper (bass) and Charlie Price (drums) and caught on. The reformed band has been working on their debut album Transmitters ever since and it has now dropped!

The band is not concerned with conforming to any specific style of punk and that is clear in this album. They combine the best elements of classic styles with their own flavour. Each track is a unique Texas-fuelled twister that gets you pumping your fists and singing along.

The first and title track ‘Transmitters’ gets you into the mood with a great guitar-focused opening. The vocals are as energetic as the guitar opening and make you want to jump around in a mosh pit. If this song was played live, you would need to yell along to the chorus, it is that catchy and fun.

‘Desperation Generation’ is a little reminiscent of 90s punk rock with the opening. Vocally it is a bit more 80s punk. The lyrics of the track are great and as catchy as the first track while being very relatable.

‘Thieves and Liars’ is the next song and continues the guitar rampage. There is a slightly different thread in this track that adds something special to it. This track is actually a great angry breakup song full of everything you hate about people.

‘Just Disbelievers’ has a much slower build-up that is very different from the other songs so far. This song is more motivational than you might imagine and makes you feel that you can do anything. If you are feeling a bit down, this song will pump you back up.

‘Above It All’ takes us back to the strong guitar opening. The arrangement style of this track is new and a little more skate punk. There are a lot of catchy hooks in the track that get you singing along.

teadfast HTX Transmitters cover

The next track is ‘Land of Opportunity’ is a frustrated look at American culture. You can hear the frustration in Bancroft’s vocals and the aggression in the music. There are great harmonisations on this track which enhances the message.

‘My Conviction’ is a heavier punk track that is full of angry vocals. This is a song that stands up to people who want to change your spirit and convictions. The music and lyrics make this the song to blast if you need to release your frustrations at the world.

‘Integrity’ wastes no time getting started and does not have a lead-in like the other tracks on the album. The song is also faster and you wonder how Bancroft is able to so clearly sing at this pace. This song is a protest song just asking for the truth and those in power to have some integrity.

‘One Shot’ has a great drum beat at the start that really gets you into the vibe. The melody is a bit softer than the others without losing any of the punk edge. The lyrics of this track is a plea for unity and for everyone to give it one shot.

‘Old Scars’ leads you into the opening smoothly before pumping you up. This song is reflective and looks back on the decisions made that cause old scars. The lyrics are relatable and cover moments that most people have in their lives and the regrets of things left unsaid.

The last track is ‘These Days’ which combines everything great in the album. There is a catchy hook, blistering guitars, relatable lyrics and sing-along vocals. This track highlights the uncertainty so many face in their lives. Hard as it is to choose a favourite on this album, I think this track would be it.

Steadfast HTX gets you pumped up with Transmitters and makes you want to jump or sing along or both. The album is a glorious amalgamation of various punk styles that hypes you up. If you are looking for a new album to blare at home or in your car, this is the one for you.

Find out more about Steadfast HTX on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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