Track of the Day: Sweet and Lonely – Days Like These

At some point, somebody decided to call the music solo artists to make at hope bedroom-pop. Actually, it could be the bedroom itself, but also a basement, attic, or any place at their home(s) where you can set up a few instruments and recording equipment. The sound is usually a bit murky but has its charm as the accent is as good a melody and song as you can make. After a while, the styles started to branch out but the name stuck. These days, you can get almost anything produced “in the bedroom” but the name usually still refers to something quite poppy and (hopefully) with a melody to boot. This brings us to Sweet and Lonely, a project by Minneapolis artist Nick Elstad.

Elstad works somewhere from his house/apartment, so in one aspect he falls into the bedroom-pop category. Although, if you look at the set of singles he has come up with so far he often diverges into other genres never passing up on a good melody and a good set of lyrics to make things even more interesting. After all, Elstad and his wife live with a dog and two cats, so mixing things up is certainly his thing musically, too.

With his latest single ‘Days Like These’, Elstad not only keeps up with his tradition of a great melody and lyrics but ups the ante another notch. If you really wanted to make sure what good bedroom-pop should sound like these days, this is the track to pick up. With its perky melody, subtle electronic backup and Elstad singing lyrics like “I can’t remember how it started. I turned my back and it all fell apart. When you’re stuck inside a daydream it’s hard to tell the days apart”, this one is bound to find its way on any tasteful playlist.

For more from Sweet and Lonely check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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