Tabitha Nauser – Keep My Distance (2020)

If you have been binging everything Netflix has to offer, you might know Tabitha Nauser from the docuseries ‘Singapore Social’. This Singapore-based singer-songwriter appeared on the show around the same time her debut mini EP dropped. Now, she has unleashed her single ‘Keep My Distance’, which is the result of writing camps she has been to.

Her first single of 2020 is full of pop beats and electronic tones. While the title might make you think it is another lockdown inspired track, it is not about social distancing or being parted from those you love. The single is an introduction to the music she is set to release later this year and next year.

‘Keep My Distance’ opens with these synth beats that pop against your ears. The flow of the melody has a very gentle start and seems to be building to something. The popping beats continue throughout the track, but don’t pound through your chest and create a gentle beat to follow. The melody has a very easy vibe to it that lets you get into the vocals and sway to the rhythm. There are no pounding moments and you are not compelled to move to the beats.

Nauser’s vocals have a very smooth entrance and retain this slick vibe throughout the track. There is something catchy about her performance as her voice flows with the melody. The rise and fall of her vocals help you work through the emotions of the lyrics. The chorus of the track is quite catchy and you may want to sing along to it.

Tabitha Nauser uses light beats and her smooth vocals to gets you into the flow of ‘Keep My Distance’. This is a very easy track to listen to as it gently laps against your ears. While packed with pop beats, it does not pound against you but lets you relax into it.

Find out more about Tabitha Nauser on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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