Tahi – Sky Highway (2020)

‘Sky Highway’, the new single from Tahi, is the embodiment of optimism and positivity. Combining uplifting lyrics with positive arrangements, the single makes you feel like you are floating on air. This is a common trait of Tahi’s music as she blends pleasant sounds with a reckless spirit. Through stacked harmonies and captivating melodies, you are encouraged to accept your own eccentricities.

Leah Randall, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter behind the music, is looking to bring people together. Drawing on inspiration from her Maori name Tahi which means the act of coming together, she creates pretty melodies that are a treat for your ears. Her accompanying music videos further the majestic embodiment of her music.

‘Sky Highway’ draws you into the rhythm with jangling guitars that twist between Tahi’s vocals. There is a youthful feeling to the melody that makes you want to move to the beat. You can’t help but tap your foot to the beat as you get swept away in the melody. While the melody has a minimalist feel to it, there is something engaging about it. The straightforward nature of the arrangement allows you to focus on the clear vocals and get lost in the tune.

The fun and sprightly feeling of the melody is highlighted in the vocals. The clarity of the performance helps you connect with the lyrics while capturing the reckless spirit of the single. There is a lively vibe to the performance that stays true to Tahi’s background.

Tahi envelopes you in lively optimism and airy positivity in the fun and energetic ‘Sky Highway’. While the single has a relatively minimalist melody, there is a clarity to the vocals that blows you away. The performance embodies a reckless spirit that is soaring about everything and truly free.

Find out more about Tahi on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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