Tazmin – Regret You (2022)

Influenced by strong female artists like Taylor Swift, Jessie J and Dua Lipa, UK singer-songwriter Tazmin is confident, inspiring and highly entertaining. At only 19 years old, Tazmin has performed at various festivals, been placed on the iTunes Top Twenty Pop chart twice, and regularly featured on BBC Music Introducing. Fun fact: she performs material in both Chinese and English. Come with us as we listen to her latest track ‘Regret You’.

Following her pop track ‘What If?’, ‘Regret You’ adopts an upbeat, hard-hitting sound lying between electronic and contemporary pop. Written during the pandemic, ‘Regret You’ is evidence of successful remote collaboration. A high-paced single recorded with producer 5Parks, Tazmin’s strong vocals blend effortlessly with 5Parks overwhelming production. With well-placed synths and beats, ‘Regret You’ has a hazy ambience sliding down a cinematic soundscape. However, as steady as the textured sound may be, the changes in pace represent a rapid heartbeat as Tazmin speaks about a difficult relationship.

Just as her melodies are forceful but endearing, so is the lyricism of ‘Regret You’. As mentioned, the track touches on difficulties in relationships during the pandemic in an upbeat, toe-tapping way. Tazmin shares that ‘Regret You’ asks the question of ‘do I’ or ‘don’t I’ when reviewing a complex relationship of any sort. Its catchiness and infectious joviality may have you bopping about, but the poignant significance of the song’s content makes it an intriguing one. Then again, Tazmin’s songs tend to have deeper meanings that are delivered in a buoyant way.

Insightful, honest, sincere and contagious, Tazmin’s ‘Regret You’ meets all the criteria of an anthemic summer banger. I can easily see this song being blasted to a dancing audience at any festival.

For more from Tazmin check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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