Temperature Falls – Pass Me A Cigarette (2021)

Quick question: have you ever been in that moment where you are feeling two emotions at once? This is what Temperature Falls brings you when you listen to their music. The Norwegian duo combines the edginess of trip-hop with the heaviness of alt-rock and melodic metal bringing you a genre-defying sound. We have already had the honour of speaking with the pair about their music (read interview here) and now we bring you their new single ‘Pass Me A Cigarette’.

Featured on YMX, Nova Music Blog, Less Than 1000 Followers, Talk About Pop Music and several online radio stations, Temperature Falls is gathering an international audience. They have made waves with previous singles, but ‘Pass Me A Cigarette’ is more hard-hitting than ‘Cut The Wire’ or ‘Maybe’. Melding Ian Ward’s guitar and synths with Camilla’s powerful vocals, ‘Pass Me A Cigarette’ is a raw, honest and grungy track.

Showcasing their versatility as artists, ‘Pass Me A Cigarette’ is a divergence from anything the group has to date. Not only is the duo showcasing versatility, but the movement from several styles and tones in one single showcases their innovativeness. Filled with interspersed synths and distorted guitars, you will find yourself in a trippy sonic whirlpool. While there is a hazy ambience, Camilla’s vocals enhance the grittiness of the sound.

An exploration of the darker side of the psyche “releasing the darkness within before it consumes you”, ‘Pass Me A Cigarette’ is both substantial and fragile. Finding the balance between delicate and blunt execution, Camilla and Ian show depth in content and sound. Leaving you covered in goosebumps, Temperature Falls show they are set to be an international sensation.

For more from Temperature Falls check out their official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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