Tess Posner – Something Told Me (2021)

As we get older the innocence and freedom of childhood get lost to the responsibilities of adult life. Trying to reclaim this innocence and freedom is the basis of ‘Something Told Me’ by Tess Posner. With a yearning threaded into the vocals and a rich atmosphere from the music, you are filled with a search for something that most of us lose as we grow up.

With honest and emotive lyrics, Posner has been attracting attention and was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2019. Having started her career singing in coffee shops, she has been releasing her music since 2018. With her haunting melodies, she takes listeners to deep places full of reflective thoughts, political consciousness and journeys of the self.

With a fun trumpet line ‘Something Told Me’ draws you in before the clicking tones get to you. The depth of the music creates a rich atmosphere with deep beats, clicking higher tones and floating synths. This all comes to a head for the chorus with a funky horn line filtering in from the background. There is a retro feeling resting in the melody through the horn that makes you think of times long past. This is merged with a modern alt-pop line for a contemporary feeling and blended sound that covers you.

Posner’s vocals is a smooth thread cutting over the melody. The modulation of her performance has you rising and falling with the emotion of the track. On the chorus, you are really covered in a yearning for freedom from the broken feelings of the lyrics. This combines with that funky trumpet to bring a sense of innocence that is trying to rebuild after being shattered. The search for freedom woven into her performance is addictive while being extremely relatable.

Tess Posner has you searching for a sense of freedom and innocence after it has been lost in the rich tones of ‘Something Told Me’. With atmospheric synths, funky trumpets and a slightly retro vibe, she has you covered in her sound. Her vocals pull you through the music as you join her on a search through the lyrics.

Find out more about Tess Posner on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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