The Chris Ruben Band – Take the Ride (2022)

Since the release of their debut album Madness on Repeat last year, The Chris Ruben Band is showing no signs of slowing down. With their latest EP Take the Ride, they are ready to hook new listeners with their catchy music and high energy. With four tracks packed with the band’s high-octane energy, the EP will have you rocking out to their sound as they blend rock, funk and psychedelia.

While the band only released their debut album last year, they have been performing together since 2015. Chris Ruben, Nick Marino, Brendan Allan, Eugene Iovine, Russ Miller and Frank Iovine combine their energy and craft songs that make you want to sing along. Through this EP, they bring the bright sparks of their live performance to our ears and pack in the musical vibes.

The title track ‘Take the Ride’ opens the EP and really gets the ball rolling. There is an infectious energy that sinks its talons into your brain from the first note and only digs deeper as the track continues. The melody grabs you with the guitar tones before bouncing you off the drums. There is a rather funky undertone to the music that is picked up by the rock tones and turned into pure energy. Ruben’s vocals do the impossible by adding even more energy to the track, before leading you to an epic guitar solo. His performance really makes you want to shout out with him while you move around like crazy to the melody.

‘Held So Tight’ thrums into your senses with a deep bass and a shuffling beat. While the melody carries the same addictive energy as the opening track, it comes across in a more understated manner. The vocals are also more subdued and seem to hover and wisp through your senses. The backing vocals bring a sighing background to the vocals that increases the rather psychedelic edge to them. The track is an incredible combination of moving tones, light sighing notes and warm haze. The lyrics and vocals bring a touch of sadness to the soundscape, but this is masterfully incorporated into the warm acid wash of the music.

The chiming run that opens ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ leads you into a wonderfully light guitar line. You are then dropped into the deep end of the music with the guitars and horns taking over your sense. The vocals have a faster delivery than the other tracks that emphasises the lyrics. There is a punch to the lyrics that bring a touch of yearning to the chorus. This is all packed into the most engaging and catchiest movement possible. There is a lot going on in this track and you fall a little in love with all of it, from the vocals that you can’t help but sing along with, to the energetic guitar riffs. This is definitely a song that you can rock out to and not care for a moment.

The EP comes to an end with ‘What I Need’ which brings a slightly funky tone to the pulse of guitar and drums. This drops away for the lightest sprinkling of psychedelia. At times, the drums punch for a stop-start feeling that accentuates the vocals. As you listen to this track, you can easily imagine the energy of the band at a live show. The vocals hit out at someone who doesn’t offer you what you need in a relationship and says everything that you might want to, but never feel comfortable saying. The layers of the melody merge the diverse tones of the band for a sound that shakes you up from the inside out.

The Chris Ruben Band has you rocking out, singing along and having an absolute blast with their latest EP Take the Ride. Each track is packed with the band’s energy that shakes you up and hooks you to their sound. Through the EP, the band showcases their ability to blend different tones and styles into something utterly addictive.

Find out more about The Chris Ruben Band on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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