The Fullers – Unreal City (2021)

As the world move ever forward, there are parts of the planet that get left behind and slowly meeting their demise. This is something The Fullers have picked up on regarding the seaside towns of the UK and turned into the nostalgic and sad single ‘Unreal City’. While inspired by the demise of seaside towns, there is a broader picture to the single as it touches on local businesses and culture across the country.

To bring the sadness of the topic, the band combines acoustic rock with violins and classical motifs for a unique sound. This mixture of styles comes from Peter Neilan (vocals, violin, accordion, guitar, piano), Bertie Auricchio (guitar), Luke Selemir (drums) and Nick Lindsey (bass). They met while in school together and have been merging rock with classical tones ever since.

The gentle piano line opens ‘Unreal City’ with a melancholic line. There is so much sadness woven into the piano line that it tugs at your heart. The guitar calls to life with a touch of nostalgia wrapped in the memory of good days long past. The violin comes in with a trill of mourning folky goodness. Each instrument has its moment to add to the lament of the melody. It is amazing how the band brings all these little elements together for a moving melody that pays homage to the influencing styles while being completely new and unique. The sad piano opening comes to close the melody out.

Against the backdrop of melancholy, Neilan’s vocals softly creep through the empty streets of forgotten seaside towns. His voice is paced with heartbreak over the loss of what used to be. This gets a soft pick up as he dives into what used to be but this is still tinged with the pain of loss. The falsetto trill is utterly gorgeous and shivers through your chest while causing emotions to well in your throat. Every element of his performance is packed with sorrow and it is utter perfection.

The Fullers have you wallowing in melancholy and nostalgic sorrow for the towns that used to be in ‘Unreal City’. Every element of the single is packed with pain and despair over the demise of certain aspects of the world. Through it all, you are enthralled by the band’s ability to combine diverse influences and create something so captivating and unique.

Find out more about The Fullers on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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