The Seeing Tree – I Can See The Signs (2020)

Bringing together the talents of former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell, singer and lyricist Eugenie Arrowsmith, and producer and composer Lee Pepper, we have the rock art collective known as The Seeing Tree. After meeting at the ‘Drum Legends’ show in 2019 at The Brighton Dome, Rarebell and Pepper began talking about music and sharing ideas. Pepper introduced Rarebell to Arrowsmith and even more idea sharing took place. In the end, the three artists decided to combine their skills and create an empowering, enlightening project. The debut single from The Seeing tree is ‘I Can See The Signs’.

Aware of the various uncertainties in contemporary society, The Seeing Tree uses the power of music to share proactive messages of empowerment. Confronting issues of climate change, inequality, prejudice and a need for peace, ‘I Can See The Signs’ is a musical declaration for positive change on a global scale. While the three artists may have differing skills and opinions, the one agreement is that we are at a tipping point in human evolution and people need to take a stand.

Classic rock at its core, ‘I Can See The Signs’ is a seamless melding of powerful guitars, steady drums and rather unique vocals. Carefully edited, the vocals seem distant to instrumentation which increases the sense of delicacy and poignancy in the track. Despite the seriousness of the lyrics, The Seeing Tree shows a witty and beguiling optimism floating in the grittiness of the single.

For more from The Seeing Tree check out their Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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