The Senton Bombs – Outsiders (2018)

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The Senton Bombs are a British rock band formed in 2004 in Blackpool, UK.  They also deliver a mix of hard/classic and southern rock.  They are releasing their album Outsiders on November 5th via Regolith Records.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Outsiders’ which starts with a drum beat and guitar riff that captures you straight away.  It’s about not fitting in and not being what society thinks you should be, but it sounds like he’s happy to be that way; he doesn’t want to be ‘in’ and follow the crowd.  ‘Who We Are’ starts with an awesome drum intro and brilliant bass guitar riffs.  The song is about wanting to tell people exactly who they are.  It’s very catchy, and the vocals are great.  It’s a great rock song. 

‘Violet Black’ has an awesome guitar riff at the start and heavy bass line which sounds great.  It’s about a woman who sounds like she’s out of control and is wild.  It has a great beat and is very catchy; at 2:35 it has a great guitar solo.  ‘I am Ablaze’ is quite heavy; it has a very catchy sound and a very punk feel to it.  It’s about being confused and not knowing what to do.  At 1:33 it has a scorching guitar solo that sounds awesome!

‘Bury The Hatchet’ begins with a great guitar riff and a great bass line along with it.  It’s about wanting to make up with someone who they have fallen out with, and they want to make up before it’s too late.  It’s a very heartfelt song; he says he is upset that they no longer have a friendship.  It has a great southern rock sound – very country sounding.

‘Remind Me Of The Moon’ starts with gentle guitar riffs and the vocals are great.  It’s a love song.  He’s singing about how much he loves the person and wants them to know.  At 3:02 is a great guitar solo, after the guitar solo the tone changes and he sings about how much the person hurt him; how he wishes he never met them.

‘Dead Revolution’ starts with a fast drum beat and guitar riff, the second guitar kicks in and it gets quite heavy.  The vocals are great, and it has a very heavy bass line which is quite addictive.  It has a very catchy chorus and an awesome guitar solo.  ‘Video’ starts with a great bass line and guitar riff, as well as a very catchy beat with amazing vocals.  The chorus is excellent, and the guitar solo at 2:58 is amazing.

‘Under Offer’ has a great bass line at the beginning.  The vocals are great, and it has a very heavy chorus, but it also has some slower parts of the song that are quite soothing.  ‘Wake The Maker’ begins with epic guitar riffs; the drum beat kicks in, and it’s very heavy.  It has that classic hard rock sound.  The vocals are amazing, and it’s very addictive – a great song to end the album.  I think this is the song you will find yourself listening to on repeat!

Overall, this album is definitely an amazing hard rock album and is worth buying.  It has everything from classic rock to hard rock, almost metal, and is extremely catchy.  The album is available on November 5th, 2018, and is available to pre-order now via the band’s website.

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