Thirsty Curses – Nothing Really Matters (2021)

Described by Alternative Addiction as a band with “…an eclectic sound that touches on everything from punk-rock to folk”, US-based Thirsty Curses is unlike anything or anyone else. Completely original and inimitable, the garage-rock group was formed in 2017 and has been sharing its unique sound with the masses.  Combining their natural talents as artists, Will Getchell (vocals, guitar and piano), Alexander Weir (led guitar), Claytron Herring (bass) and Evan Miller (drums) have built a reputation for energetic, engaging and infectious music. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Nothing Really Matters’.

Featured on notable press like Edgar Allen Poets, Head Banger News, Alternative Addiction, Music Mecca and various playlists, Thirsty Curses are reaching audiences on an international scale. ‘Nothing Really Matters’ follows their upbeat acoustic track ‘You Don’t Have To Tell Me That You Love Me’ adopting a heavier, hard-hitting rock sound. Unlike the acoustic track, ‘Nothing Really Matters’ blasts out with pounding drums, dynamic guitars and powerful vocals from the first second. A constant spewing forth of loud and brash noise expertly arranged to bring an abruptness to the uncompromising tune makes it intense and intimate at the same time.

Potentially my favourite element of ‘Nothing Really Matters’ is Getchell’s gruff vocals. Alright, maybe not gruff but definitely containing a harshness in the melodic tone. Almost shouting at you, Getchell sings that “no-one cares how you feel” touching on issues of frustration, anger and disillusion. Angst is evident in ‘Nothing Really Matters’, but there is a tenderness in the brusque execution making it almost soothing in a seriously blunt way. Does that make sense?

I listen to several singles on a daily basis but Thirsty Curses’ ‘Nothing Really Matters’ stands out as a firm favourite. I can easily see people moshing, shouting along and giving their all in this spine-chilling song.

For more from Thirsty Curses check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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