Mirrors – Love In My Own Time (2021)

After success as a covers band for several years, Christchurch-based duo Mirrors are now streaming original material. With only three tracks to their name, the pair are still newbies as original artists; however, this hasn’t seen them hiding in the shadows. With a powerful pop explosion, Mirrors are gaining recognition from notable blogs and online radio stations. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Love In My Own Time’.

A self-produced single, ‘Love In My Own Time’ is a harmonic blend of moving vocals and dynamic instrumentation. What I find enchanting is how each element of the song combines to form a whirlpool of infectious pop. Driven by keys and guitars, there is a sonic encapsulation of one’s spirit; however, it is Susie Farmer’s vocals that make ‘Love In My Own Time’ soul-stirring.

Reminiscent of Christina Aguilera, Farmer showcases her powerhouse vocal range. From soprano to alto, her moving tones carry you along a journey of empowerment. As with Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fighter’, ‘Love In my Own Time’ touches on self-belief and self-worth. Farmer’s well-placed crescendos and diminuendos make the song catchy, intriguing and compelling.

Toe-tapping, easy to dance to and even more difficult to get out of your head, ‘Love In My Own Time’ is beguiling. Yes, the song is upbeat with joviality, but it also has a lingering sense of surrealism with Farmer’s haunting vocals. Merge Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ and Aguilera’s inspiring ‘Fighter’ and you’ll have ‘Love In My Own Time’.

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