Tough On Fridays – Party Scene (2020)

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Tough On Fridays is a trio with critically acclaimed releases, a loyal following and a strong reputation for energetic performances. Funny thing though, the group finds itself in the odd situation of being more popular nationally (and internationally) than locally. While Texas maintains a strong alt-rock/pop-punk music scene, Tough On Fridays seems to be better received in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and London. However, this situation has not hampered their enthusiasm one bit and they continue to dish out addictive, engaging and intriguing new releases. The latest addition to their discography is A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time, including popular singles ‘Party Scene’ and ‘Lonely Eyes/Pines’.

Showing a similarity to Matchbox Twenty, Hole and Nirvana, Tough On Fridays are building a forceful, impassioned and gritty sound. Using powerful instrumentation underlying Caleigh’s tenacious Courtney Love meets Gwen Stefani vocals, ‘Party Scene’ is a “blast from the past” 90s grunge track with a modern twist slapped across its face. Lyrically, the single has a raw honesty depicting life as a young adult in contemporary society; however, it is the brusque presentation of the vocals that truly capture the griminess of reality. Charming, compelling and entrancing, Tough On Fridays has produced a bewitching single as part of a dynamic album.

For more from Tough On Fridays check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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