Track of the Day: Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners – Pedal To The Metal

Wearing several hats over the years, rocker Al Mitchell played a crucial role in the underground alternative scene in his hometown of Hastings performing with Somnians, King The Native and Baby Goliath. An introverted individual, Mitchell learned how to express himself through music from an early age acting as a music producer for the better part of the last decade. Now, he is back with some powerful punches in his new project Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners.

Influenced dramatically by American icons like Beck, Eels and Grandaddy, Mitchell and his lads integrate indie-pop with alt-rock in their music. The latest single from Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners is ‘Pedal To The Metal’ – a mishmash of distorted guitars, wavering vocals and a steady stream of 80s-style synths throughout the song. It is difficult to label artists according to separate genres nowadays with everything being immersed, but ‘Pedal To The Metal’ is evidence of eclectic experimentation and Mitchell pushing sounds and styles to the boundaries.

“Framed in the world of a retro game and saturated in a backdrop of urgent synths and roaring guitars, ‘Pedal To The Metal’ explores themes of escapism, societal pressures, parental responsibilities and, ultimately, the desire for redemption.” – Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners on ‘Pedal To The Metal’

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You can listen to ‘Pedal To The Metal’ on our OSR Rock Playlist on Spotify!

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