Track of the Day: Bianca Hauert – Daneben Benehmen

What does it take these days for a song that is not sung in the English language to get a worldwide audience? Of course, this is not such a rare occurrence, but possibly this does not happen often enough. For such a song to make a wider impact outside the area where such a language is spoken the song has to be practically immaculate. It has to have a brilliant melody line, the vocals have to practically perfect and so does the production. In such cases, the audience that doesn’t understand the language probably won’t even care what the words say. That is how we come to German singer-songwriter Bianca Hauert and her latest single ‘Daneben Benehmen.’


As far as all of the above elements are considered, Hauert has got it down exactly as she should. The song has quite an impressive melody line, her vocals are powerful and her voice inflexion has that additional touch to make you listen. At the same time, the production adds enough of a modern touch combining standard acoustic instruments with subtle electronics beats to give it the punch it needs…and now to the lyrics.

Of course, the German-speaking area is large enough for an artist singing in the language not to care whether it has an impact out of that area or not. Of course, this is if the song is good enough and the lyrics do make at least some sense. If those interested make an effort to find out what is Hauert singing about here, it will make the song probably even more appealing to them. Actually, her song is quite timely speaking about these pandemic times. As she puts it herself, “as long as we are not allowed to go out, my song should at least help people to bridge the waiting time until then”. Nothing too fancy, no big life-size statements, just a situation in which the listeners can identify.

For an artist that is stepping out of her role in a 10-piece cover band and working solo for just over a year, ‘Daneben Benehemen’ is quite an impressive effort whether you pick up on the lyrics or not.

For more from Bianca Hauert check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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