Track of the Day: Subshine – Over The Moon

If you hadn’t heard of the synth-pop band Lorraine, then it’s time to educate yourself. Forming a cult following in the early 21st century, releasing numerous singles with Sony BMG UK, and touring with acts like Pet Shop Boys, the group was at the top of their game. Why do I mention Lorraine? Well, it’s because our Track of the Day is fronted by the former singer and songwriter of Lorraine, Ole Gunnar Gundersen.

Headed by Gundersen, Subshine is a celebration of British 80s rock. Inspired by the post-punk band The Chemelions, ‘Over The Moon’ is a guitar driven track combining the 1980s rock with synths of the 90s. An emotional indie-pop single, ‘Over The Moon’ demonstrates the ability to find acceptance with a dash of insight. I particularly like the whispering of lyrics “over the moon” – the hushed tone seems to illustrate a personal connection with the singer.

Find out more about Subshine at Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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