Track of the Day: The Arthurs – Window (2021)

Bringing together the sound of The Pixies, Nirvana and The Smiths, The Arthurs drags the old-school punk and grunge sounds of the late 20th century into modern society. While the began releasing music in 2017, their sound is classic and infused with grungy vibes. The debut album When I’m Sane was described by Popunie as “a very strong debut and the perfect ticket to the biggest festivals”, and it seems the global audience agreed. Since then, The Arthurs have performed at shows at notable venues across Belgium, England and, of course, The Netherlands. Our track of the day is their single ‘Window’.

One of the songs off their second full-length album Glass, ‘Window’ is a hard-hitting track with a forceful melody. Combining dynamic guitars with catchy riffs and pounding drums, ‘Window’ forces an audience to listen, but not in an aggressive, agitated way. Rather, the intoxicating melody is soothing in a heavier way drawing you into the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Teetering on the edge of utter chaos and cautious angst, the single delivers soaring vocals that overlie the infectious guitar crescendos leading to an unforgettable chorus.

Reminiscent to Radiohead and Nirvana in its melodic representation, The Arthurs can easily have you head-banging to the superb musical arrangments; however, it is the incorporation of Den Drijvers gruff vocals that add an extra flair to the song. This does not mean Dylano Hahury (guitar), Mart Memelink (bass) and Blonk (drums) play a mediocre role; anything but! The ethereal vocals lie between and sometimes beneath mind-blowing instrumentation adding a darker, grittier and haunting element to ‘Window’. It is this combination of spine-chilling elements that leave The Arthurs banging about your brain and reverberating down your spine…but you love it!

In addition to their single, The Arthurs released an official music video for ‘Window’. Filmed primarily by the band during the Covid-19 pandemic, the video has a rough and raw feel to it. Predominantly a video of the group performing, this visual representation is honest and genuine. We see the grittier side of The Arthurs and connect with them as performers while individuals look through the window at this display. The Arthurs add an impeccable visual element to their track with this “in your face” official music video.

For more from The Arthurs check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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