Track of the Day: The Rafters – Be Forever

East Lancashire indie-punk band The Rafters show off their softer side with their latest guitar-driven track, ‘Be Forever’. The Brit-pop infused song starts off with Oasis style strumming, while the bass enters with a few musical steps. There’s a sense of sadness in the vocals that join the song moments later, a lamenting of sorts that turns to desperation with the line, “Someone tell me it’s alright.” But, as the drums come into play the music brightens and opens up, like rays of sunshine on a gloomy day, and that sense of despair becomes hopeful. The chorus speaks to the comforting nature of companionship, that “when it comes down, then we’ll all come round, and we’ll stay the night and be forever.”

As the track progresses the guitar gets a little dirtier and everything else a little grittier until the band’s lead singer, Nathan Griffiths, belts out his frustrations in a rush of frenzied, post-punk emotion. He sings, “I’m sick and tired of this, I’m feeling like I don’t exist.” After this harmonic eruption, the song returns to its source, strummed guitars and softer vocals almost as if the bridge never even happened. 

The Rafters deliver a thoughtful song about ups and downs and the need for good friends to help you through hard times. The song is a world away from the band’s previous punkier release ‘Reasons’, which feels like a pressure cooker about the blow and remains high-octane throughout. But, The Rafters still inject that edge and passion into ‘Be Forever’ albeit a softer, more contemplative edge.

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