Tyler Thompson – Wine Glass (2021)

Love can bring a lot of good to our lives, but there is the potential for bad as well. Tyler Thompson has taken both sides of love and artfully wrapped it up in his single ‘Wine Glass’. Looking at the pain of love lost, he counters this with the knowledge that you can move on and find love again.

This wholistic consideration of love comes through a blended musical landscape that Thompson has cultivated over the years. The single is also a great lead up to his latest release ‘Cosmic Pulse’ and his full album set for release in early summer. With his focus on storytelling, he crafts relatable songs that tug on your emotions while capturing you in his detailed melodic compositions.

Thompson draws you into ‘Wine Glass’ with his pleasant vocals which are stained with the pain of love lost. There is a great flow to his voice that brings folk-rock to some power-pop sensibilities. As you move your head to the melody, his voice pulls you into the story of the lyrics. Through the lyrics, you are placed in the moment of relationships ending with all the sadness this brings. As the single progresses, he fills you with the slow acceptance of love lost only to lead you to the understanding that things can get better. The chorus has a really catchy hook to it that makes you want to gently sing along.

Below his delightful vocals is an equally engaging melody. The melody has a very soft start that turns halfway through the song for a groovier vibe. The beats that shuffle through you, the dancing piano and the almost laughing guitar lift your spirits after the pain of loss that filled it. There is a really wonderful feeling to this musical interlude that you can’t help but enjoy. Closing your eyes and just letting the music take you where it will is a whole new experience in itself.

Tyler Thompson crafts an engaging tale through love lost and rebuilding in the engaging ‘Wine Glass’. His vocals are filled with the pain of ending a relationship but slowly fill you with acceptance and the knowledge that you can find love again. The melody is gentle as you work through the despair of love lost only to take you on a fantastic musical journey through the second half of the single.

Find out more about Tyler Thompson on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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  • March 24, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Great right up. This song is perfect timing for me. Love you guys. 🙂

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