Under Delusion – Shame (2020)

Under Delusion uses an energetic mixture of synths and guitars for the seductive and downright provocative single ‘Shame’. Combining this with low timbre female vocals, they have created a single that sinks into the depths of your soul. Using their life-long passion for music and experience, the band brings feelings of love, loss and anger to the fore through honest reflections on humanity.

With members well into their thirties, the band hopes their music brings escapism, understanding and solace to those who listen. This hope is threaded into a fresh approach to alternative rock that blends familiarity with unique identities. All of this comes together for a sound and listening experience that is second to none and will make you want to add this Moscow-based band to your favourites.

‘Under Delusion’ draws you in with a gentle guitar and moody sounds. There is a dark atmospheric sound to the music that adds a deep seduction to the husky vocals. The burst of music on the chorus has you flying into the sultry tones of the vocals while your head moves to the beats. Through the music of the chorus, you are filled with a sense of familiarity but this is tempered with something uniquely Under Delusion. The soaring guitar solo is wonderful and perfectly drops for a plucking tone that is all dark seduction.

The vocals have a twilight edge as they slide across your ears. They are emotive and catchy making you want to sing along to them on the chorus. While they don’t call out over the melody, the deeper seduction they provide works better with the melody. Together they form a track that wraps around you like silk and pulls you deeper under the inky waves of temptation.

Under Delusion seduces you into their soundscape with husky vocals, moody atmospheres and energetic guitar solos in ‘Shame’. Every element of the track adds to the sultry seduction effortlessly putting you under the band’s spell. As the first single from an upcoming album, it leaves you shivering in anticipation.

Find out more about Under Delusion on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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