Valley Onda – Gold (2020)

When you feel powerless, it might seem that there is no way out of this emotion. Valley Onda is here to help as they chart the baby steps you can take in ‘Gold’. The single is a cathartic realisation and roadmap to bringing down the walls we build around ourselves. Through the music, you are encouraged to put yourself first and feel the natural progress of opening up.

The deep lyrics and delicate musical flow of the band comes from a melding of the member’s musicality. Jordan, Galen, Michiya and Ben all met at an inner-city farming project when they reached out of their individual projects in search of human connection and collaboration.

‘Gold’ uses rolling beats and groovy guitar lines to draw you into the song. The opening line grabs your hand and pulls you into the sound. The driving beats have a great flow that makes you want to lightly move. The guitar lines are delicate as they dance along the beat. There is an easiness to the melody as it washes over your ears with great solos and riffs.

The vocals blend with the melody to bolster the easy vibe of the track. The delicacy of the music comes through in the vocals as well. The performance has a tenderness to it that helps you connect with the lyrics. This is great because it sets you at ease for the messaging of the track. While the lyrics encourage you to be yourself, they have a poetic vibe to them.  

The music video for the single was created by the Sydney collective Quiet Humans. Using images of the band moving between normal views and negative, the video creates an almost desolate atmosphere. Intertwined with this is an animation that acts as the parts of yourself that are locked away trying to break through. It is an interesting video that offers an almost abstract visual for the deeper meaning of the song.

Valley Onda helps you take the right steps to get out of feeling powerless with their single ‘Gold’. The song uses a delicate melody with gentle vocals to draw you in and offer the realisation and path you need. The accompanying music video uses almost abstract imagery to portray the messaging of the track.

Find out more about Valley Onda on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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