Vanessa T – Memories (2020)

Vanessa T is telling the story of first love, memories and hope with her debut single ‘Memories’. Using a touch of longing and the blossoming of something new, she brings happy and joyful memories to the fore. She does this with a soulful blues style that offers a touch of gospel and pop.

While this is her debut single, she has performed her music before with a debut public appearance in 2017. She also recorded a CD of cover songs in 2018 giving each song her own soulful edge. Now, she is ready to unleash her own music on the world and does so with a splash of depth belying her years.

‘Memories’ draws you in with a tender piano line. There is a stripped-back vibe to the melody that enhances the emotions of the vocals. The piano-driven melody has a really gentle flow that slides effortlessly into the soulful swell of instrumentation. The drums lightly tap against your ears while the piano gains a hint of gospel-blues. The music all comes together for a light push later in the track that takes the vocals and lyrics to a new height.

Vanessa’s vocals continue the bluesy and soulful vibes of the melody. There is a smoothness to her performance that eases into your brain and hooks you to the single. You just want to close your eyes and let her voice wash over you and open you to the emotions of the track. The lyrics throw you back into happy memories that put a smile on your face while filling you with the warmth of love. As the single progresses, the power of her voice builds and is bolstered by the choral harmonisations. This enhances the bluesy feeling of the track and just adds to the overall richness of the song.

Vanessa T fills you with the warmth of love while throwing you back to happier times in ‘Memories’. There is an effortless blending of blues and soul through the melody and vocals that make you want to sit back and let everything wash over you. As you smile at the memories the song invokes, you are sent soaring by her vocals which are powerful and utterly mesmerising.

Find out more about Vanessa T on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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