Track of the Day: Tales of Dhvaras – Full Speed or Nothing

After twenty years, the Norwegian metal band Dhvaras are back! In the early 1990s, Dhvaras produced music that they called ‘Skogsrock’ or Forest Rock. Inspired by the beauty and raw honesty of nature, the songs were performed with classical guitars at the core before heading off into a loud riff.

During 2019, founder Kyrre Riksen restored an old Dhvaras tape demo thought to have been lost; however, he wasn’t too pleased with what he heard. So, he decided to head back to the studio and finally record all the music Dhvaras created over the years in Tales of Dhvaras.

Already three singles out, ‘Full Speed or Nothing’ is the second of the singles being released over 2020. A punchy and raw song, this heavy hitter really is “full speed or nothing”!

Listen to more from Tales of Dhvaras on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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