waitwhat ft Akacia – Drives Me Wild (2021)

There are people who seem to lighten up our lives by just being around. The vibrant energy that this brings has been captured by waitwhat in their fun single ‘Drives Me Wild’. Through the synths, off-centre piano line and with the help of Akacia, they get you lost in the moment when you meet the person that brings colour to every moment you spend together.

Troy Skinner and Damon Dokhani, the duo behind the sound, met at UC Berkeley when they saw the potential in each other and teamed up. Around this time, they actually started creating this song but were never able to finish it. Instead, they have gained a fanbase through their other releases and are finally able to bring the joy of a colourful existence to our ears.

‘Drives Me Wild’ shimmers with a wash of synths that brings a neon energy to the track. The melody is a delightful dance between chittering tones, flowing synths and moving electronic beats. Each element of the melody comes together for bursts of colour and sound that come at you from all directions. The piano when it comes in is interesting as it puts you slightly off-kilter and keeps you guessing where it will go. Overall, the melody has an interesting wash of tones that come together in an off-centre way to create a captivating sound.

This is topped off by Akacia’s vocals that add a late-night touch to the single. Her voice is rich as she whispers through the opening and declares affection for someone. Her performance perfectly captures the feeling of being around that one person who lightens your life. The light touch of her voice leaps off the pulses of the melody only to twirl around your senses and drive you a little wild. With the melody, her performance brings the fun and bright energy of the track to life.

With the help of Akacia, waitwhat shimmer and pulse into your senses for the neon lights and late-night vibe of ‘Drives Me Wild’. The melody is an intricate dance between an off-centre piano, glittering synths and a moving beat. Akacia’s vocals lightly leap from one beat to the next while filling you with the colours of being around someone who brings light to your life.

Find out more about waitwhat on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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