WD-HAN – Red Sun (2020)

WD-HAN is one of those bands that has stood the test of time. Spencer Barnes (lead vocals), Cal Henry (guitar) and Lea Barnes (percussion) came together in 2008 and have been making music ever since. The energy pushing the band is the drive to make a positive impact on people’s lives through music.

The Spring of 2020 has seen the band release a quartet of songs with single number three being ‘Red Sun’. This single is all about how to interact with people successfully through communication. This message is expressed through the musical integration the band has become known for.

‘Red Sun’ has a smooth guitar opening that Spencer Barnes’ vocals meld with. The song picks up the pace to get your head bobbing and moving to the beat. The music has a tentative note to it, but the lyrics provide hope. There is a change in the melody that builds this feeling up and leaves you with a smile at the end of the track.

The lyrics themselves are able to build a story and clearly set the scene. You feel as if you are in the scene needing to reach out to bridge the gap with other people. The song helps you track a path through the dangers and anxiety of social interactions ensuring you get to the end safely.

‘Red Sun’ is a tentative but hopeful track by WD-HAN. The song builds the scene and helps you connect with the message. The combination of expressive vocals, a solid rhythmic melody and passion for what they do makes the track one to add to any playlist.

Find out more about WD-HAN on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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