Wild Tibetan Monks – Lying Next To You (2021)

Originally formed approximately one decade ago, Wild Tibetan Monks is an alternative rock meets indie-rock trio. Focusing on performing for the first several years, the group has a reputation for energetic and engaging shows; however, due to the pandemic, they are now focusing primarily on recording and releasing material. Hailing from Ireland, the group has a sincere Celtic-ness to their sound, but there is a rock-inspired edge making Wild Tibetan Monks hard-hitting.

Featured in Indie Groove Music, Nexus Music Blog, Indie Buddie, The AU Review and several online radio stations, Wild Tibetan Monks are turning heads from Australia to Europe. In fact, the group toured Western Australia when residing in Perth – I guess this means the Aussies were able to enjoy even more than some sounds through headphones. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Lying Next To You’.

Moving from the upbeat, high-paced tone of ‘Cartoons’ and ‘Liam’, ‘Lying Next To You’ has a steadier, more soothing quality to the melody. While the instrumentation is more languid in ‘Lying Next To You’, it does not mean it is monotone and dull. The jangly-pop guitars combine expertly with pounding drums and interspersed piano creating a kaleidoscopic soundscape.

One element that remains consistent throughout their song is Sean’s rich, dulcet vocals. Recorded at Hellfire Studios in Ireland, ‘Lying Next To You’ is an anthemic and catchy single. In Sean’s words, ‘Lying Next To You’ is “about not physically lying next to someone but lying and not telling them the truth. It’s about feeling trapped, not knowing what to do”. Using a personal narrative, Sean shows his vulnerability, confusion and inner turmoil when dealing with this feeling of mental entrapment.

The poetic and insightful lyricism is eloquently presented not only with Sean’s warm voice but also the rise and fall of the melody. A harmonic “ebb and flow” represents the fragility of the protagonist’s soul and its travelling along a turbulent sonic river. What I find intriguing is how ‘Lying Next To You’ is delicate but has strength in its cascade of sound.

For more from Wild Tibetan Monks check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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