Wilhelmina Mercy – Staring At The Ceiling (2021)

Over the past year, a lot of us have felt a strange mixture of confusion, emptiness and loneliness. Wilhelmina Mercy has captured all these emotions and woven them through the ethereal sounds of ‘Staring at the Ceiling’. With chilled synths and harp-like ukulele, they have you floating on the emotions of the last year.

The layers of sound Mercy creates brings a lament of love lost and mournful reminiscence of the past to sonic life. As the second single from their debut album Blue Silk, it gets you excited for what else this solo artist has to offer. Using a DIY approach to their music, they create relatable tones that encompass the emotions of the world.

The soft tones that open ‘Staring at the Ceiling’ have you floating on the emotions of the track. The musical movement fills you with that disconnected vibe that comes from lying on your bed and staring at nothing while you empty your mind. The chilled tones of the synths and feather-light drums create a delightful low level for the ukulele to flow over. There is an almost bubbling sense of consciousness to the music like a softly running brook winding its way through your senses.

Mercy’s vocals add the ethereal edge to the single. Their voice has an otherworldly vibe to it that is enhanced by the angelic harmonisations. Combined with the melody, their vocals have you floating on the warm flows of the track. While there is a touch of loneliness in the lyrics and vocals, this is wonderfully tempered with a connection that threads around you. Through the single, Mercy connects with the detached emotions that we all faced in the last year while offering you a soft cushion to rest on as you process them.

Wilhelmina Mercy combines ethereal vocals with chilled melodics to set you floating on emotions in ‘Staring at the Ceiling’. The single has you breathing easily while sinking into the soft cushion of sound. Their vocals thread their soft tendrils around you in a chilled yet warm embrace of emotional connection.

Find out more about Wilhelmina Mercy on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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