Yonder – Medicine Dreams (2021)

What should a Britpop revival sound like? A sound that was at its top in the 90s, gathered a lot of flak later on but seems to have a rocketing return these days. The question remains: should it only keep the original traits of the original sound or should it add some current musical trends to the original one? Alex and Dan Lisle should certainly qualify as Britpop revivalists, but they seem to be taking the latter route on their latest single ‘Medicine Dreams’ under the guise of Yonder.

Originally, Britpop was all about adapting The Beatles/The Byrd’s early guitar sound, a lot of harmony vocals, a good tempo and a memorable melody to boot, all wrapped up in the original mellower side of psychedelia. On ‘Medicine Dreams’, the two brothers keep all those traits and add some modernised electro beats.

Of course, Stone Roses, one of the inspirational bands for the original Brit-pop movement, were no strangers either to electronics or beats, particularly in their latter days. Yonder keeps up with modern trends in electro-pop here without in any other way sacrificing the elements that made Britpop so popular in its original guise. Could Yonder be one of the harbingers of Britpop revival?

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