Young Heart Sparks Fire – I’m Dumb (But I’m Not As Young As I Used To Be) (2019)

Tim Thompson is an American unsigned indie/rock artist from Nashville and is releasing his single with an accompanying b-side. He is the only constant member of the band Young Heart Sparks Fire, and ‘I’m Dumb (But I’m Not As Young As I Used To Be), along with its b-side, is part of a collection of singles that are being released this year and in 2020.

The track starts with a beat and keyboard sounds, then the vocals and electric guitar riffs kick in. The vocals are amazing, and it’s very catchy. It’s about his feelings and wanting to touch them, but he knows it will hurt. Tim says falling in love is so easy but hurts so bad. The track has some strong rock sounds with some very 80s sounding beats and synths, which is a very catchy combination. It has a great bass line and is a great song if you’re a fan of 80s rock music.

The b-side, ‘Love Is Suicide’, has great guitar riffs and electronic beats with an amazing bass line. The vocals are excellent. This song is about hate and how everyone is tired of waiting for good. Tim sings about how he’s lost faith in politics and various other things. Again we hear that great 80s rock sound, which is very catchy and it has a very captivating chorus.

The single and its b-side are definitely worth a listen as it has a great sound and feel. You can enjoy more from Young Heart Sparks Fire via the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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