Young León – Video.mp3 (2022)

Bringing together their diverse backgrounds and musical influences, long-time friends Charcuterie and Young León began creating a unique type of alternative pop for the masses. Officially formed in 2019, the US-based duo adds mellow beach vibes to their music sonically representing the soundtrack of summer. Featured on Sinusoidal Music and iHeart Radio, Young León and Charcuterie are already turning heads of notable critics, and it won’t be long until their tunes grab the attention of audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Video.mp3’.

Following their single ‘Wassup’, ‘Video.mp3’ brings an upbeat and hard-hitting sound to their discography. Unlike ‘Wassup’, the new track is primarily synth-driven adopting a contemporary lo-fi pop sound to their repertoire. Obscure and a little “all over the place”, Charcuterie’s eclectic beatbox programming highlights the duo’s youthfulness and high-spirited attitude. One interesting element to the melodic arrangement is how the track has a predominant electronic mishmash; yet, there is an effortless flow into a smoother, more soothing alt-pop melody within the track. It is as if the lads showcase their craziness but also point out the languidness in high-paced joviality.

“This song is a rewind into the life of what it feels like to be young and on the move” – Young León and Charcuterie on ‘Video.mp3’

While the hard-hitting, edginess of Young León’s vocals is present in ‘Video.mp3’, Charcuterie lends his dulcet tones to the track for the first time in their musical background. The complementary harmony between the brash and soft voices enhances the diversity of the single.

Proving they are not to be pigeon-holed, Young León and Charcuterie are a refreshing break in what is sometimes a dull pop scene. With the sunlit vibes and dreamy ambience, ‘Video.mp3’ can easily act as a theme song for those long summer nights sitting around a campfire and enjoying your youth.

For more from Young León check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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