Zero Period – 2015 (2021)

If you are looking for a single that turns nostalgia into sound, you have come to the right place. ‘2015’ by Zero Period embodies the reminiscing of the past and all the emotions it brings. Using jazzy instrumentation, they create a warm soundscape that brings the hazy idea if simpler days to sonic life. Packed with good vibes riding on a vintage sound with some hip-hop added for good measure, the single may be just what you need.

Evan Hutton and James Cline form the music duo bringing nostalgia to life. The pair were helping each other on solo projects when they decided to take a break and make a fun summer song. Their debut track made them realise they had created something truly unique and they have not looked back since then.

The piano line that opens ‘2015’ has a lively feeling that enhances the summery vibes of the horns that come in. The jazziness of the music complements Cline’s vocals when they enter and throw you into reminiscing lyrics. Through the lyrics, you can clearly see the memories that fill you with nostalgia. Beneath the vocals is that piano line that keeps pulling you into a hazy feeling of simpler times.

The swing in the vocals brings a melodic hip-hop flow that strangely works with the jazzy melody. The deep vocals that resonate through the soundscape is an interesting inclusion. The hip-hop vocals give way for a layered chorus where the duo’s voices meld together for a textured performance. There is a lot going on in this song that makes you think of reminiscing about the past and hopping from one memory to another. The vocals pull you into the stratosphere later in the track making you want to yell out with them.

Zero Period fuse warm jazzy tones with hip-hop vocals to bring nostalgia to sonic life as they flip you from one memory to the next in ‘2015’. With a textured and dynamic melody, the duo keeps you on your toes while making you think about simpler days.

Find out more about Zero Period on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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