12 Limbs – Embrace (2021)

With an uncompromising sound, 12 Limbs unleashed their feelings about the pandemic through ‘Memoirs’. Now, they are pulling up a slice of the 80s for a tale of personal freedom in ‘Embrace’. As they dredge up sounds of years long gone, their lyrics consider how society confines and stifles our freedom while slowly chipping away at what makes us unique.

To inject some of the personality society takes from us, the band is bringing a seriously unique and diverse sound to our ears. While an indulgent meander through the sounds of the 80s, the single continues the exploration of deep themes through their music. Since their debut in 2019, the band has been growing a serious following and their energy doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

‘Embrace’ draws you in with soft ambient tones before the heavy synths knock on your ears. There is a serious retro vibe to the music, but this is tempered by something that is uniquely 12 Limbs. The sounds of the 80s have been picked up by the band and swirled into a track that is unique and brings a touch of modernity to retro vibes. The arrangement of the melody merges different synth styles perfectly which keeps you guessing and wondering where the track will go next. Through all of this, you are led to rest on a soft electronic pop sound that lets the vocals wash over you.

As you groove to the synth sounds, the vocals bring a layered story to your ears. Through the layering of the vocals, the band creates a wonderful depth that adds poignance to the lyrics. The performance brings another wash of retro vibes while questioning the world and how society shapes who we are. The vocals move from airy highs to a sweeping depth that creates a delightful texture to the single while highlighting the highs and lows of life. It is worth listening carefully to the lyrics because there is a message there that we should all take the time to consider.

12 Limbs indulge in a wash of retro vibes while questioning society and how it shapes us in the colourful tones of ‘Embrace’. The single not only provides an incredibly important message for everyone to think about but also takes you on a delightful meander through sounds of the past. The band shows their musical prowess through the blending of familiar tones into something that is unique and hard-hitting.

Find out more about 12 Limbs on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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