12 Limbs – Memoirs (2020)

12 Limbs have taken their feelings about the pandemic and turned them into a raw and uncompromising fight-back single. ‘Memoirs’ is a full-bodied shove against the time being lost as we all navigate the new normal of social distancing. Through the gritty soundscape, the band considers the memories, or lack thereof, we will have if total isolation is completely embraced.

Ben (vocals, keyboards), Art (guitar, bass) and Roman (drummer) continue their distinctive fusion of rock styles with this single. The boundary-breaking ethos of the band has been a part of their sound since formation in 2003 and only seems to hit harder as they go. If the single itself does not get you pumped up, the accompanying music video will make you feel like you are watching them live.

‘Memoirs’ draws you in with a light fusion opening that melds all the instruments in the most pleasant way. While quite gentle, there is something about the melody that sweeps through you and carries you where the band wants you to go. There is no way to get away from it as it washes over you and inundates you. The captivating flow of the melody continues for the entire single as violins enter and the guitar sends you rolling into the lyrics.

As you are surrounded by the melody, Ben’s vocals are a lifeline lifting your head above the flow of the music. While his voice shines through the melody, the flow of his performance is perfectly matched to the melody. There is a slight gruff edge to his voice that is wonderful to listen to as he gets you lost in the lyrics. You can’t help but get lost in this song and want to listen to it again and again.

The accompanying music video is as captivating as the single while offering a relatively simple visual. The video shows the band playing the single in a blue-lit room. There is something so engaging seeing the band enjoying what they do and getting down to the music that makes it hit a little harder. Through the video, you are given the sense of watching the band life which is an interesting combination with the messaging of the track.

12 Limbs pushing back against the idea of total isolation with their enthralling single ‘Memoirs’. The wave of sound covers you from the first moment but does not hit you too hard. The gruff edged vocals draw you further into the wave until you are completely lost in their sea of sound.

Find out more about 12 Limbs on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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