A Chat with Donnie Roulstone from deVience (19.06.18)

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While everyone is running around, preparing for gigs and whatnot, deVience’s lead guitarist takes a moment to chat with The Other Side Reviews.  Here is what Donnie Roulstone had to say to our writer, Nicole Mendes:

OSR:  A standard question, but we want to know how you came up with your band name. Are you deviants or good guys who want to be rogues?

DR:  So, I think, Gio came up with the name by essentially creating a word that describes a way of life.  Living with vigour and tireless progression, to achieve whatever it is you aspire to – with a play on the word ‘vie’, as in ‘to vie’ for something.

OSR:  What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being in a rock band?

DR:  I’d say, it’s definitely juggling the many aspects of everyday life.  Spinning the plates as it were.  Getting in from a gig at 2 am, and having a day that starts at 6 am, can really take its toll. While we are all happy and grateful for our day jobs, it’s hard to put the band aside, for even the length of a working day.

OSR:  What do you find is the most enjoyable part of being in a rock band?

DR:  I think we all have personal favourites; for me, one of mine – aside from playing live, obviously, that’s the biggie – is the writing process.  When you start to see new ideas come to life, and can’t wait to get the others on it to see where it goes!!

OSR: You have a single being released soon, ‘Beyond The Bounds’.  What was the inspiration for this track?

DR:  It’s a statement at breaking free from any confines you might have in your life, and soaring towards your potential.

OSR:  How long did it take to record the track, and what was the recording process like?

DR:  The recording process can actually take a little while, as we all have very busy lives outside of the band.  We try to get around that by doing as much as we can in the time gaps that others can’t do, to minimise down between sessions.


OSR:  If you could perform at any venue, where would it be and why that venue?

DR:  For me, it would be the main stage at Download festival.  Events like that always make me feel among the completely like-minded, and the atmosphere is always one of a whiskey-soaked unity.  To look out across that setting, playing the songs of deVience, would be a dream come true.

OSR:  How did the band come together?

DR:  Well, Ben, Jim and I had been in a band all through our late teens and early twenties, so were a tight unit already.  I met Gio in a rock bar just before I left for uni; he was looking for a bass player and guitarist for the band he had just founded, deVience.  I passed on Ben’s number and joined shortly after.  We mutually knew Olli, and brought Jim in to complete the lineup.  #dreamteam

OSR:  Have any of you ever broken bones? If yes, how?

DR:  I certainly have, aside from usual skateboarding breaks growing up.  Ithink I might have the trophy for bone crunching stupidity.  Breaking your ankle in three places, while landing on your own cowboy boot, sucks!  #metalthroughandthrough

OSR:  If you had to compare yourself to any classic rock band, who would it be and why?

DR:  We’ve been likened to a modern mix of Thin Lizzy, GnR and Queen in the past; but, there are so many influences floating around, I’d struggle to find one that we could say exclusively.  However, all the influences coming together to create our sound is half the fun!

OSR:  What would you ask to have as a last meal?

DR:  Some kind of chow mein, and sweet chilli.  Cherry Red Stag, and Freebird on vinyl.

OSR:  If you could be in a band playing any other style of music besides rock, what would you choose to play?

DR:  I’m ever drawn to the groovy, riff-driven anthemic epics from the likes of Alter Bridge and Tremonti.  So, somewhere in that realm would be where I’d likely find myself.

For more delightful deVience, check out their Facebook.

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