The Friends of Norman Havelock – Spring Bank Holiday (2021)

The Friends of Norman Havelock are a rather interesting group who have rediscovered the works of the late Norman Havelock. With their single ‘Spring Bank Holiday’, they charge his attempt to find young love over a long weekend in Brighton. Taking in all the misadventures along the way, they set the stage for a loveable hero who will capture your heart.

Using this tale of coastal mishaps as an introduction to the collective’s work, they delve into the creative genius of one of the UK’s unsung heroes from the Golden Age of pop. Steeped in nostalgia with a delightful 60s pop vibe, sets you on a journey of re-imagining the bright energy of Norman Havelock.

‘Spring Bank Holiday’ has you riding some nostalgic waves from the first guitar note. The dreamy strumming of the melody fills you with visions of warm sun streaming through the window as you head to the coast. As the song progresses, there is a real holiday feeling to the music before picking up a bit of rock. You are really drawn to float on the warm waves of the melody that are a perfect combination of rock and pop with an earthy harmonica.

While the melody puts you in a holiday mood, it is the vocals and lyrics that really stand out. The lyrics are a wonderful tale of excitement for a long weekend, anticipation dashed by rain and mishaps before setting out for a forlorn return to the week. The vocals have a little gruffness to them that scratches perfectly against the back of your brain as you slip into the misadventures of the song. All of these obstacles are faced with a sense of optimism even as everything takes a bad turn. The harmonising of the vocals are utterly wonderful and showcase the musicality of the collective as they fill you with holiday vibes and the dashed hopes of the single.

The Friends of Norman Havelock send you back in time as they delve into the misadventures of ‘Spring Bank Holiday’. Every melodic element enhances the hazy holiday vibes while the vocals fill you in on the mishaps and continued optimism of the story. As the debut of this collective, it makes you excited for the other stories about Norman Havelock that they have to offer.

Find out more about The Friends of Norman Havelock on their Instagram and Spotify.

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