A Chat with Jeremy Boyum from Shadow of Whales (09.02.18)

Two years after our first interview with Austin-based indie-pop band Shadow of Whales, bass player Jeremy Boyum took some time out to catch up with OSR writer, Nicole Mendes.  Discussing opinions on the #MeToo campaign to their latest music video and how Michael Bay is ruining movies, this is what he had to say.

OSR: It’s great to be ‘speaking’ with you again two years after our first interview.  Shall we begin?  Firstly, how has your career progressed (or regressed) in the past two years?

JB: In the past two years, I’d say it’s progressed really well.  We reach more and more ears and hearts every day, and it’s encouraging and motivating to us.  Since we last spoke our music has been put into rotation at Hollister, Starbucks, Planet Fitness, and Uber offices.  The support and love we continue to receive is truly inspiring.

OSR: I saw on your FB that your songs have been played in Starbucks across the US.  How did you feel when you first heard one of your songs playing at this popular coffee house?

JB:  Overjoyed!  It really put us over the moon.  Also, it made me want to buy a grande white chocolate mocha.

OSR:  You released an official music video for your single ‘Runaway‘ a few months ago.  How did you come up with the concept behind the video and what was the filming process like?

JB:  The concept was actually pitched to us by Fox & Florals’ Joy Cope.  She added to the vision we already had for the song.  The filming process was challenging to say the least because we were on a pretty tight timeline and the weather was very much against us.  Luckily, F&F were willing to work with us, and the finished product they came up with was beautiful!

OSR: SoW released a cover of Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention‘ earlier this year.  Are you fans or were you just looking for something to do, so to say?

JB: Haha, we are definitely fans, and ‘Attention’ has a really great groove to it.  I mean, that bass line though!  We love doing covers, and it was obvious after hearing ‘Attention’ that we had to cover it.

OSR: Two years ago we asked you where you hoped to be in five years.  You said, “changing people’s lives”.  Do you think you’ve changed people’s lives yet?

JB: We get messages from people just about every day telling us how our music has affected them in a positive way and how it has helped them deal with various challenges in their lives.  I’d say we’ve done that, but our mission is far from accomplished. Knowing we’ve had an impact on people’s lives just motivates us to find more people to encourage and inspire.

OSR: One of the most significant trends at the moment is the #MeToo campaign.  What are your thoughts on this campaign and how it has impacted on women’s rights?

JB: My thoughts about the campaign and its impact are optimistic.  I’m pleased to see injustice and consequences being thrown upon those who once seemed untouchable.  I’m inspired by the women who found the courage to speak out about the horrors they went through.  I am gravely disappointed that men, some of which were once my heroes and heroes to many others, used their power to take advantage of women.  Ultimately, I’m hopeful that the #MeToo movement will build a better environment for women in our country.  I can’t see it not getting better from here.

OSR: To date, all of your gigs have been in the US.  Any plans on a European tour in the future? 

JB: Plans in that we want it to happen very badly, but nothing on the books just yet.

OSR: If you could play a gig with any artist at any location across the globe, who would it be and where?

JB: The Killers @ Madison Square Garden.

OSR: To date, what has been your most memorable gig or favourite gig?

JB: Warped Tour is definitely up there!  I’m sad to see the festival on its last year, and I’m just glad we got to play at least one date before it left.

OSR: Last year saw the release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, and this year has plans for a release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.  Are you among the group of Star Wars fans that believe the franchise should have been left alone after the prequel trilogy, or are you excited about these sequels AND the new prequel telling us Han’s tale? 

JB: I’m fairly out of touch with upcoming movies unless YouTube shows me a preview before a video I want to watch.  Haha.  I do remember seeing an advertisement for Solo, and my immediate thoughts were, “Hmm…that could be interesting.”

I care a lot more about how Michael Bay has ruined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than Star Wars.  I will say that for the most part, I enjoyed the new movies – least of all, The Last Jedi because of some fairly significant and annoying plot holes and the fact that it was kind of a long movie.

The fact is, it’s just not going to be the same Star Wars that they originally made and it never will be; people should probably stop expecting it to be.  Just like I should stop expecting them to make the same Ninja Turtles movies I loved when I was a kid.  Seriously, it’s basically Transformers but with mutant turtles now.

OSR: If you could fast forward ten years, where would you like to see yourselves?

JB: Playing gigs all across the world, impacting millions in a positive way.

OSR: And that’s it.  Thanks for chatting with us and hope to speak to you again in the future. 

JB: Thank YOU for having us!  This is easily my favourite line of questions we’ve ever gotten.  I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Thank you once again to Jeremy for chatting with The Other Side Reviews. For more SoW awesomeness, head over to their official Facebook page.
Images courtesy of Shadow of Whales.

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