Hazel ft Eternuit – LIAR! (2021)

Heartbreak and loss are nothing new in the music world with a host of songs already out there touching on them. While common themes, Hazel and Eternuit bring their own edge to them through the tones of ‘LIAR!’. Blending the old-school soul sound of Eternuit with the emotive stirrings of Hazel, the song is sure to tug at your heartstrings while making you want to hear what each has in their back catalogue.

Through the fusion of their styles, they are looking to cut negativity from their lives and help others do the same. The last year has been busy for both with Hazel participating in the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway while Eternuit joined the SoCal Records family. With their first single together, they showcase their individual musicality, versatility and ability to draw listeners into their emotions.

‘LIAR!’ slowly creeps into your ears with a soft wave before the beat drops. The clicking tones add to the higher level of the melody before the bass thrums through your chest. There is a touch of groove to the music that swirls into a pop whirlwind of colour. When the chorus hits, there is this infectious beat that vibrates through you and makes you want to dance to the sound. The soulful edge brought by Eternuit is felt through the bass while Hazel’s brighter pop sensibilities shine in the higher levels.

While the melody is a great blend of both styles, the vocals as steeped in the upbeat vibes of Hazel. Her voice rises and falls against the melody to glitter across the soundscape and lift your spirits. Through the lyrics, the pair have you letting go of the negative emotions that a breakup bring. The opening is all subdued tones of heartbreak and sadness that turns completely on the chorus. As her performance bounces against the melody, she fills you with the strength to leave and move forward.

Hazel and Eternuit combine their styles for the upbeat and uplifting single ‘LIAR!’. The melody packs his soulful bass into the grooving tones of her style. The vocals bring a greater hit of Hazel’s sensibilities while still touching on the old-school soul of Eternuit’s music.

Find out more about Hazel on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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