A Chat with Olly E (13.04.20)

Hailing from Leicestershire (that’s in the UK), Olly E (OE) is an alternative rock artist combining pop undertones with a smash of emo sound. We spoke to Olly about his latest single ‘I Refuse’ and the official music video. Here is what the exciting Olly had to say:

OSR: Why did you decide to enter the music industry?

OE: Music has been an integral part of my life from a young age. The way music makes me feel and how it can heal anyone no matter what nationality made me want to be a part of this industry. Music is my therapy. 

OSR: You say the track is “a cry for society to wake up and realise we are being misled by governments and authorities”.  Would you say it’s the current political climate that inspired ‘I Refuse’? 

OE: There’s a fine line between ‘truth’ and ‘conspiracies’ so I try and look somewhere in the middle. I tend to think throughout history we have been brought up to believe what the ‘higher powers’ want us to so that they can profit. I would say that the track isn’t inspired by the current political climate as I tend to think the political climate held today is more or less the same that’s been held for many years.  

OSR:  You recently released the single ‘I Refuse’.  Can you tell us a bit about that?

OE: I was feeling passionate about wanting more people to make their own opinions and not believe everything they see/hear. I hope that some people may hear the lyrical content and begin to think for themselves leading towards a brighter future. This was the basis for the track. 

OSR:  How many takes were needed to complete the ‘I Refuse’ video and, if there are any, can we expect a bloopers video?

OE: We only did two or three takes for each scene, but there were a lot of shots which weren’t used in the final version as the background or actions in the clips didn’t capture the right moment. I remember tripping up on the ground during one scene because I had to look at the camera whilst walking which proved difficult. I’m not releasing that! *laughs*

OSR: Who inspires you to create music?

OE: I come from a heavy metal background and to this day my favourite band is In Flames from Gothenburg, Sweden. However, I get inspiration for my music from bands such as Twenty One Pilots and Yungblud helping to create a modern sound within my music. 

OSR:  You’ve performed in various venues since 2016 to build up your presence.  Is there any venue you prefer above all others?  Why or why not?

OE: I’ve mainly performed in my hometown of Leicester as I’m yet to tour, but I would say the best venues in Leicester are The Shed, The Musician and The Soundhouse. They are all accommodating with good sound systems and put on a ton of events. 

OSR:  Your music seems to have changed over the years from a heavier alt-rock sound to more indie.  What do you think has influenced this evolution?

OE: I think my taste in music as I’ve grown has been the influence. Five years ago I was the kid who would listen to nothing but heavy metal. Now, I happily listen to pop! As I’ve listened to progressively lighter music I think it’s reflected in the music I write. 

OSR:  Which do you find more challenging – lyrics or melody?

OE: Lyrics are the most challenging. I always write the melody first as it usually flows to me naturally. I then have to fit the lyrical phrasing around that melody and fit words into the phrasing until the track makes sense and means something to me.

OSR:  People say that the current impact of Covid-19 will change lifestyles in the future.  For instance, online work and home-schooling may become preferred options.  Do you think this is true?

OE: I have a feeling that after this is over everything will return back to how things were before which is sad. This pandemic has proved many insightful things such as the effect of pollution. We just have to hope that some positives can come out of this awful situation when it’s over. 

OSR:  What are your thoughts on home-schooling?

OE: I think it’s a great opportunity to get children to think more freely than the constructs of mainstream school programmes. I also believe home-schooling gives bullied children a much better environment and a happier life. 

OSR:  What can we expect from Olly E in the future?  More material, perhaps?

OE: I’ll be continuing to release singles to keep my audience engaged and would love to go on tour as soon as possible!

Thanks to Olly for the chat! To engage with this talented man, check out his official website, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Instagram.

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