Chartelli – Fresh Out of Emotions (2021)

While there are a lot of songs out there about breakups, Chartelli offers a unique spin on things with ‘Fresh Out of Emotions’. Touching on the emotional drain that the end of a relationship causes, the sad emotions are contrasted by a lively and fresh summer beat. Playing sadness off easy summer vibes, the single uses relatable lyrics to touch emotions that most people have felt.

As Chartelli’s debut single, it really sets some high expectations for what is to come. With dancing beats that make you want to move and easy lyrics, she offers music that draws on a range of influences. While just starting her musical journey, the contrasts and flows of the single showcase her musicality and get you excited for what she has in store for us.

‘Fresh Out of Emotions’ has you feeling the summer vibes from the first moment. There is a great jangle to the melody that meets shuffling beats that have your head moving to them. You can’t really stop your body from moving to the melody even when the emotional hits of the lyrics start to sink in. The music has a warm sunny feeling to it like those hazy days where the summer heart fills your body with lethargy. While there is a solid pop feeling to the melody, there is a slide of alternative RnB resting in the low levels.

The bouncing vibes of the melody are enhanced by the movement of Chartelli’s vocals. Her performance is a mixture of summer warmth and the understanding that a relationship is coming to an end. Her performance brings a bit more RnB to the single while the lyrics are easy to relate to. The situations detailed in the single are ones that many people have been through which makes it easy to connect with. The flow of her performance bolsters the connection while making you want to sing with her.

Chartelli brings a contrasting soundscape to your ears with the summer vibes of ‘Fresh Out of Emotions’. The melody is all summer heat and moving beats while the vocals lay out a sadder realisation of the end of a relationship. The contrast of breakups with summer fun has been handled beautifully for an engaging and enjoyable listening experience.

Find out more about Chartelli on her Instagram and Spotify.

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