A Chat with Sam and Sounds (24.06.20)

If you’re into Sea Girls, Declan McKenna, Saint Raymond and Circa Waves, then your next favourite artist is Sam and Sounds. Using music as a catharsis when facing anxiety and depression, this Surrey-based indie-pop gem is sharing feel-good sounds and a mission to motivate people. We had a little sit-down with this 19-year-old artist chatting about his new single ‘Cloud 9’, self-motivation and even a sneak-peek into his upcoming EP!

OSR: Why did you choose to enter the music industry? Was it a no-brainer or did you consider other careers?

SAS: It was an absolute no-brainer. I love doing it. I kinda didn’t do amazing at school and haven’t got a degree, so I’m banking on music going well!

OSR: Can you tell us about your new single ‘Cloud 9’?

SAS: ‘Cloud 9’ is really the first song I’m releasing that is the sound I’m really going for. ‘Do It All Again’ and ‘Addicted To You’ are songs that I’m proud of, don’t get me wrong, but the sound that ‘Cloud 9’ has is the Sam and Sounds I really want people to know!

OSR: Does ‘Cloud 9’ have a significant meaning for you?

SAS: It does, yes! Cyberbullying is a really important issue to me in the sense that I hate it so much. When I first started to see a few hate comments and people trying to hide behind a screen to attempt to make me feel bad about myself, I decided to write a song about how I reacted to it! I felt like reacting with a positive, happy mood was the way to go and I think that ‘Cloud 9’ represents that well.

OSR: ‘Cloud 9’ is the first song from your debut EP (set for release in October). What can you tell us about the EP?

SAS: The EP is very much up in the air at the moment. I’m aiming for something in October, but that’s also a bit hush-hush.

OSR: What do you hope people take from your music?

SAS: My music is my favourite way to represent myself as a person. I’ve come from a place of really bad mental health where happiness was kind of a dream for me to a place where I really wanna spread my own happiness to others and make them feel like life can be pretty good, if you look at it from a positive outlook. Like, I want people to lose themselves in the music for a few minutes and just think about good times and forget about your problems. If my music causes you to forget to do stuff to the point where your mum nags you constantly, then I think I’ve done my job!

OSR: If you could would you change anything about ‘Cloud 9’?

SAS: Wouldn’t change a thing. I really, really love the song!

OSR: What about a sneak-peek into the new EP? What can we expect from the record?

SAS: You can expect to walk away from it with a spring in your step. At least that’s my aim!

OSR: How do you keep yourself motivated, particularly during the lockdown?

SAS: To be honest, it’s just a genuine desire to make more music and I won’t let lockdown stop that!

OSR: Do you think the Covid-19 pandemic will change the future of the music industry?

SAS: I’m not really sure about that. I think for the near future we might see socially distanced gigs or concerts capped at a smaller number than usual, but I think it won’t be for long. I do think that people are getting more creative and we will see a lot of ‘lockdown music babies’.

OSR: What challenges do you face as an independent artist?

SAS: Budget. If only I had access to more money to promote and get support slots and all that! Also, I’m not very organised, so sorting out my own bookings and earnings is quite a slog. *laughs*

OSR: What are the benefits of being an independent artist?

SAS: I have total control of what I do and when I do it! That’s really an awesome thing because I can go on creative spurts. If I want to release something next or swap around the plan to release stuff, I can do that as an independent artist!

OSR: Do you sing in the shower?

SAS: Always.

OSR: If you were a superhero, who would you be?

SAS: Hancock, because if I ever do a big festival it would be cool to fly over a crowd.

OSR: What is the best advice you have received regarding your music career?

SAS: Go all in and don’t hold back at all. Don’t let anyone’s harsh comments get you down and make music that you genuinely love!

OSR: What does the future hold for Sam and Sounds?

SAS: Hopefully a ton of huge gigs and a load of fans that I can enjoy my music with.

OSR: Do you have a message for our readers?

SAS: Yeah, follow me on Instagram. Nah, I’m joking. *laughs* Seriously, just if you’re not happy, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you will get better. Listening to my music may be the start of it all.

Thanks to Sam and Sounds for chatting with us! You can find more about about him on his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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