A Chat with Alith Berndarn (18.06.2020)

Alith Berndarn is a Vienna-native and Hamburg-based producer and visual artist who uses music to stimulate your emotions. Using a fusion of ambient and UK bass he crafts his interpretation of modern music. His second single ‘Right For You’ is out now and sits between alt-pop and electronic. We sat down with Alith (AB) to talk about his latest single, his music and much more!

OSR: Have you always been interested in music?

AB: Since I can think about it, I always was interested in music. Whether as a kid, listening to some house music from the 90s, or as a teenager where I got into music production doing my first baby steps with FL Music, or as a student organising parties and doing DJ gigs.

OSR: Was there a particular song or performance that made you say: ‘Wow, I want to do that!’?

AB: There are plenty of these moments. If I think about one recent performance, I have to say, Bonobo’s Gig in Budapest on his Migration Tour. That was around 2 years ago? Simon (Bonobo) was touring with his band throughout the world. I always wanted to catch a live show as I only had the pleasure to see his DJ gigs. When he and the band performed pieces from the new album, it was a blissful moment to witness. Everything fit impeccably together. That is where I felt one day, I want to do that as well.

OSR: How do you interact and respond to fans?

AB: Through my social networks. For me, staying in touch with the fans is key.

OSR: If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

AB: Definitely something in the music industry. Maybe working as a PR agent or being A&R manager.

OSR: What was the creative process for making the video for ‘Right For You’?

AB: I wanted to re-create the feelings of ‘Right For You’ on the video. As the track‘s meaning is to keep your mind clear, even though the situation around you might be a dire one. You should keep your eyes open because you never know that even if you’re thinking that nothing can improve the state, something can happen that turns it in the opposite direction.

The beginning of the track aurally and visually conveys the notion of being helpless. The end with its uplifting chord progression and the elusive percussions portrays the idea of keeping your eyes open. Also, to be sorry that sometimes you need to endure these moments of helplessness, but these moments are right for you to grow personally. I always was a fan of the film noir style and tried to do an interpretation of that. The city of London was the perfect spot to re-create that overall vibe of the track.

OSR: When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?

AB: To trigger emotions, to connect to the audience through the mere sound of music. Sounds cheesy, I know but this is how it is. ?

OSR: If we were to look at the artists you listen to, who would be on your playlist?

AB: On my playlist on the go, I would always add music from Bonobo, Tourist, Bon Iver, Kanye West and James Blake.

OSR: What is your biggest musical challenge?

AB: To know when enough is enough. The biggest challenge I face is when I am arranging a track. I still think that another layer would add another dimension to the piece. In reality, it actually does not do that much and hence, I sometimes find myself in the situation, where I have to drop out elements a song does not actually need or never have needed beforehand. However, this got better in the last few months.

OSR: Do you enjoy recording and production?

AB: Yes, for me, it is something that soothes and alleviates my mind. So, frankly, I do enjoy it a lot.

OSR: What’s next for you?

AB: Grow personally and musically as an artist, continue on polishing my sound, finish off releasing the rest of the EP throughout the year, create a greater level of awareness over my music and my art.

Thanks to Alith Berndarn for chatting with us! You can find more about him on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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