a_shes – movies & music (2022)

Featured on notable blogs from Roadie Music to We Write About Music, UK-based singer-songwriter a_shes moves about a kaleidoscopic soundscape with his unique songs. Originally relocating to the UK to study, the Malaysian artist decided to pursue his teen dream – music. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it brought about a burst of creativity for a_shes resulting in some eclectic music production. We take a dip into his sonic world looking at his debut single ‘movies & music’.

Produced with UK-based producer Imad Salhi, ‘movies & music’ is a nostalgic tribute to a_shes life experiences. Combining keyboards and electronic beats, the synth-driven track leans toward the dream-pop tones of Troye Sivan and LANY. It’s true that the contemporary single has a strong synthetic basis, but the incorporation of acoustic piano brings an eclectic edge to the song. Moreover, a_shes finds the delicate balance between synthetic and organic in this beautifully textured single.

While the execution of the melody is impressive, depth and intimacy are seen (or rather heard) in the poetic lyricism. Reflective and nostalgic with a sense of melancholia, ‘movies & music’ builds a hazy ambience with elegant vocals. The thing is, despite the sadness of his personal narrative, there is a sense of empowerment in the sincere sentimentality. a_shes shares that the song “taps into the existentialism of late adolescence while drawing from sounds associated with the ‘Tumblr teen’ fantasy of the early 2010s”. He was “coming to terms with the fact that he was slowly losing precious time and can no longer escape adulthood” – a desperate concept but also pointing out the hopefulness in growing up.

As a_shes debut single, this is the first taste anyone has of his intriguing sound. All I have to say is that a_shes is one to watch in 2022.

For more from a_shes check out his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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