For Tuesday ft Emorie – Grow This Garden (2022)

For Tuesday condensed all our feelings about summer 2020 into ‘The Summer Went’ before deconstructing one’s present and future in ‘Count Me In’. They are now teaming up with Emorie for ‘Grow This Garden’ which tells the story of a profound encounter For Tuesday and Emorie had with a truly remarkable man. The story revolves around Naed, a devotee of the Catholic Worker Movement who intentionally lives in poverty to work charitably in his impoverished neighbourhood.

After spending a day with him, they felt inspired to strive for the love and mercy he gave to others in a way they had never felt before. Through this single, they pay tribute to the man and everything he taught them in the short time they spent together. Moving away from the pop tones of his previous releases, they take a folk turn to bring the power of the emotions they felt to life.

‘Grow This Garden’ uses the sound of a kettle whistle to get your attention before the folk tones wash in. There is an easy vibe to the music that brings a delightful sense of peace to your soul. The acoustic guitar is a gentle pick and strums against a cloudy atmosphere of softness. While there is a lot of tender folk woven into the music, there are some deeper tones that tease your attention in the background. As you sink into the easy tones of the melody, you can feel that there is something much deeper waiting to peek out. The twang of the electronic guitar adds to this feeling of depth as it starts to tug at a different emotion than the rest of the easy melody. Halfway through the single, there is a change in the melody that brings an ethereal flow to the soundscape.

Against the initial easy folk melody, For Tuesday’s vocals paint the scene of the story with effortless details. You can imagine yourself walking with him into the city while talking and sharing some jokes. The introduction to the main character is as gentle as the melody. The lyrics offer the rise of inspiration that they felt at the time as they temper the harsh realities of life with the hope provided by kind people. When the melody changes, Emorie’s vocals ease into the track and bring her delicate sound. Her ethereal voice sends shivers down your arms as she pays tribute to the love and mercy we can offer each other.

For Tuesday teams up with Emorie to bring a gentle tale of hope, mercy and inspiration based on a real experience in ‘Grow This Garden’. The music is gentle from start to finish gaining an ethereal edge as Emorie’s vocals enter. The lyrics draw you into the story and fill you with the inspiration the duo felt to do more for the world.

Find out more about For Tuesday on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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