Aayushi – My Two Hands (2021)

Inspiration for ‘My Two Hands’ hit Aayushi when she took a dive into the world of palmistry and started reading her own and other people’s hands in her spare time. While this is the inspiration, the single looks at something much deeper as it touches on the space between emotions and imagination. She also considers the distance between strangers and self through swooping introspection and dreamy tones.

With tender and intimate lyrics, she has you looking at the world through a different lens. Aayushi’s musical journey really began at 17 when she started sharing her compositions on the internet. After positive responses and time studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, she is ready to unleash her introspective and heart-melting songs on the world.

‘My Two Hands’ has a wonderful old-school folk feeling to the opening through the acoustic guitar and light piano notes. The melody is delicate while earthy and grounded making it an interesting soundscape to slip into. The piano tones twinkle like lights glinting off water while the guitar is the gentle passage of the day. Added to this is a howling vocal line that creates a gentle breeze that whispers across your skin. These swooping harmonies bolster the vocals like the air currents that lift birds as they soar.

The delicacy of the melody is enhanced by Aayushi’s vocals. Her tender vocals are like warming rays of light fluttering through the leaves of trees. While delicate, her performance brings a new level of dreaminess to the single that makes it almost mysterious. The metaphors woven into the lyrics are wonderful as they touch on something much deeper. As you float on her easy folk sound, she fills your brain with thoughts that are much deeper than you first imagine. You really just want to close your eyes and float on the waves of the music while soaking up the lyrics.

Aayushi has you floating on delicate waves of introspection in the mysterious and dreamy soundscape of ‘My Two Hands’. The soft folk tones of the melody create the air currents that you float along while the lyrics are the clouds that you sink into. Each element of the single is delicate, intimate and warm while opening your mind to the greater meaning of the lyrics.

Find out more about Aayushi on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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