Jack Spann – Jesus Of New Orleans (2020)

Fun and unusual are things that most people need a little more of in their lives. Fortunately, Jack Spann is here to help with his single ‘Jesus of New Orleans’. This upbeat single will fill you with fun positive vibes which a lot of people need right now. With a splash of funk and some early glam rock leanings, the song positively engages you from start to finish.

Spann, a classically trained artist, provides the vocals, guitar, bass, piano and keyboards for the track. He is joined by Cecil Robbington on drums and percussion as well as John Covelli on Trombone. Together they create a soundscape that is both modern and retro leaving you with feel-good disco vibes.

‘Jesus of New Orleans’ draws you in with the trombone and this static like a vinyl record just starting. The funky groove then infiltrates your sense to get your shoulders moving to it. Throughout the single, the beat has a hold of you and will not let you go. The melody is relatively understated and rests in the low levels of the song. While understated, it has an amazing amount of power over you. There are two versions of this song with the full version being double the length of the radio edition. If you listen to the full version, the melody does swing to take over the show and it is a blast to listen to.

Over the melody is Spann’s vocals which have this infectious vibe to them. His performance adds to the retro feel of the song and makes you think of early disco or glam rock sounds. The lyrics are just as fun as the melody and vocals. They make you smile as they describe the man called the Jesus of New Orleans. It is almost impossible to not have a good time while listening to this song.

The accompanying music video is just as much fun to watch as the song is to listen to. The retro vibes shine in the optics. The whole video has a very late 60s to 70s vibe to it with the look of an old TV show. There are these kaleidoscopic effects with other colour effects superimposed over the video. It is a very energetic and entertaining music video that truly captures the essence of the song. The video is set to the full version of the track and swings in production with the melody. The retro optics give way to a more minimal production.

Jack Spann fills you with energy and good vibes with his fun and upbeat single ‘Jesus of New Orleans’. Both versions of the single are engaging, but the full version has an edge with the change in music. Regardless of which you listen to, you are going to have a lot of fun and get down to the grooves.

Find out more about Jack Spann on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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