Addezine – Stairs (2021)

With his debut single ‘Stairs’, Addezine explores the feelings surrounding an intense crush. With a raw and authentic sound, he captures the emotions that follow this crush while bringing a nostalgic vibe. Through relatable lyrics and emotions that most of us have felt at some point, he connects with listeners while giving us all a taste of what is to come.

While his sound edges between alternative RnB and indie pop, he draws on a range of influences to push the boundaries. Bringing his skills as a drummer to a desire to make his own music, he creates evocative songs. Although he only recently started writing and recording his own music, his involvement in every aspect of production infuses his passion into the sound and moulds it into something truly sophisticated.

‘Stairs’ opens with a really mellow vibe through the vocals. There is a light echo to his vocal performance that creates a delightful depth while adding a touch of nostalgia. His voice forms a plush cushioning of coloured mist that you sink into and revel in. Through all of this, is a warmth that comes from the affection woven into each word. While there are a lot of warm good vibes in the track, there is also a touch of sadness like you know that this will all end or the emotions will slip through your fingers. It is a really touching vocal performance that packs a serious emotive hit that is hidden under the mellow flow and floating vibes.

Beneath the vocals is a plucked tone that gets your head gently bopping to it. This meets a shuffling drum creating a warm layer of music that the vocals mist over. Every note of the melody enhances the mellow vibes of the vocals while also making you want to close your eyes and let it wash over you. There is a very easy flow to the single that comes through in both the melody and vocals which is absolutely wonderful.

Addezine captures you in a mellow flow that sneaks a serious emotional hit in ‘Stairs’. The mellow vibes of the vocals fill you with warmth but there is an undertone of sadness. The music enhances the chilled vibes creating a plush soundscape that is all soft touches and warm thoughts.

Find out more about Addezine on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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